Teen Camp Has Arrived

The time has come; the teen campers started arriving around 5pm Tuesday evening! As they arrived we were able to see many familiar faces from last year along with many new faces. These kids range from ages 13-19.

Camp started around 7pm with dinner, which included, you guessed it, rice and beans. This year we are trying to incorporate more English into the camp. While we were waiting to eat, Matt did an activity to see how many campers knew English. He chose a Brasilian camper to say phrases in English and he also chose me (Cassie) to say phrases in Portuguese. Let’s just say that the Brasilian knew more English than I knew Portuguese!


The rest of the evening was spent getting to know one another through different activities. We ended the night with worship and a devotion from Matt. Despite the language barrier, he did a great job of introducing the beatitudes found in Matthew 5. I’m pretty sure the whole team was exhausted by the end of the night.

We woke up this morning to some beautiful 65 degree weather. We gathered for breakfast then went straight to chapel where we had more worship and Matt gave the lesson. He continued talking about what it means to be poor in spirit. He then talked about the second beatitude: blessed are those who mourn. We give Matt mad props for teaching here using a translator. It is not an easy task considering many words and phrases don’t translate perfectly.

After chapel we gathered into 3 discussion groups. This is a great time to talk to the teens on a more personal level. We shared testimonies and went through questions about the lesson. Again, the language barrier makes it a challenge, but God is using us despite this barrier. We want these groups to be a place where we can ask the hard questions, share our lives with them, and give them the opportunity to ask us questions.

The rest of the day is full of more activities. We ask that you continue to pray for the camp. Pray for us as we continue to build relationships with the campers and also pray for Matt as he prepares and teaches the lessons.


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